Solar For Agriculture

Solar energy is the perfect income stream for farmers, with the average system saving up to $20,000/year. Grants are available to help farms and agri-businesses finance their PV system.

Yes, funding is still available

As part of Canada’s climate change strategy, there has been a sustained focus on helping farmers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by funding clean energy systems and technology upgrades. Though the programs vary by budget year, there remains significant funding available for farmers, with added incentives for Ontario poultry and dairy farmers. Solar is an ideal income stream for farmers, who have unused rooftop and ground space. Let Hammond Renewable Energy help you determine which incentive program works best for your business.

The Agri-biz way

Solar energy is a perfect match for the agricultural cash flow model. By default, barn architecture is ideal for maximum solar production and a solar system is a low-maintenance tenant that never gets in the way. Systems are commonly financed using long-term loans.

Net metering means that your farm is energy independent and protected from future energy price hikes. On average, you could meet up to 100% of your energy needs and offset 80% of your costs from your solar system for the next 25-30 years. That’s long-term energy savings, financed in a way that you’re comfortable with.

The numbers, revealed

In our experience, the average Ontario farm could comfortably accommodate a 100 kW solar system. With grants, you could expect a 20 to 30% rate of return for electricity savings.

This means that your solar energy system could offset up to 80% of your total annual energy bill, reducing energy costs by $15,000 to $20,000 a year.

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To explore if solar is a good fit for your agri-business, contact us today.

Contact us today.

To explore if solar is a good fit for your agri-business, contact us today.